Spreading the Light

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The Elucidarium was compiled c. 1100, no doubt by Honorius Augustodunensis, and perhaps in Canterbury. A manual of basic practical theology in dialogue form, it circulated widely in Latin in clerical and monastic milieux. But its numerous translations and adaptations into European vernaculars also proved popular among lay audiences over a period of hundreds of years.

‘Spreading the Light: Mapping the Vernacular Elucidarium in Medieval England’ was an AHRC-funded project conducted between 2012 and 2014 at the University of Kent. It sought to investigate the production and circulation of vernacular versions of the Elucidarium, taking medieval England as its focus. While Dr Sarah James (Principal Investigator) examined texts in English, I explored works in Insular and continental French, and Occitan.

In anticipation of the launch of the Project database (which will have the advantage, amongst other things, of being fully searchable), descriptions of manuscripts preserving French and Occitan versions of the Elucidarium can be found below.

The French ‘Lucidaires’

Lucidaire I

Lucidaire II

Lucidaire III

Lucidaire IV

Lucidaire V

Gillebert de Cambres, Lucidaire en vers

Second Lucidaire

Other works in French

Peter d’Abernon of Fetcham, Lumere as lais

Sermo de sapientia




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